What is Brand Promotion?

In any business, no matter the industry or size, promotion is absolutely essential. If nobody hears about your company, products or services, it doesn’t matter how innovative or ground-breaking your company or products/services are; nobody is going to buy into it.

Of course, advertising your products and services is essential, but what about you as a brand or company? While this may not seem like a top priority for many business owners, promoting yourself as well as your products and services can be incredibly effective. This is where brand promotion comes in.

Brand Promotion in Action

There are a number of brands that use brand promotion in incredibly effective ways. One example is that of Innocent Drinks. While they sell smoothies and other fruit-based drinks, they are perhaps better known for their personality as a brand and the values that define them.

Their sense of humour is present in everything they do, ensuring that there is a consistency to their message – from their product packaging to their social media presence.

This type of brand promotion encourages the customer to buy into the brand itself, allowing the company to maintain a conversation with their current and potential customers in a way that simple product promotion wouldn’t allow.